I’m a vibraphone player based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. I don’t play as much as I used to, though I’m still available for public and private events.

On this page:

All songs performed and arranged by The Jeff Lash Trio (Jeff Lash, vibraphone; Ben Wheeler, bass; Matt Kimmick, drums), recorded live in St. Louis, MO direct to MiniDisc or DAT and unedited (no mixing, mastering, splicing, overdubbing, etc.)

  • Say It Ain’t So(4.7MB MP3, 5m 7s)
    • Composed by Rivers Cuomo; originally recorded by Weezer
  • You Don’t Know What Love Is(7.5MB MP3, 8m 7s)
    • Composed by DePaul and Raye
  • Just The Three Of Us(5.1MB MP3, 6m 7s)
    • Composed and originally recorded by Jeff Lash
  • Alison(5.8MB MP3, 6m 24s)
    • Composed and originally recorded by Elvis Costello
  • 18 & Life(6.9MB MP3, 7m 36s)
    • Composed by Bolan and Sabo; originally recorded by Skid Row
  • Mama, I’m Coming Home(4.4MB MP3, 4m 49s)
    • Composed by Kilmister, Osbourne and Wylde; originally recorded by Ozzy Osbourne
  • Me & You(7.1MB MP3, 7m 45s)
    • Composed by Ewing and Herndon; originally recorded by Kenny Chesney
  • So Far Away(6.0MB MP3, 6m 33s)
    • Composed and originally recorded by Carole King
  • Man In The Mirror(4.3MB MP3, 4m 45s)
    • Composed by Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard; originally recorded by Michael Jackson
  • Stella By Starlight(6.3 MP3, 6m 58s)
    • Composed by Washington and Young

In the press

  • “Vibraphonist Jeff Lash and his trio have established a niche based on a distinctive repertoire and an approach that emphasizes arrangements and ensemble playing over extended solos. The band’s “alt-jazz” aesthetic finds it incorporating cover songs from the likes of Nirvana and Black Sabbath, paralleling currently popular young performers such as the Bad Plus and Brad Mehldau, who have also mined the rock vein in search of songs to interpret through a jazz framework. However apt the comparisons, Lash’s musical enthusiasms are indeed very much his own, and his band adds a refreshing variety to the St. Louis jazz scene.”
  • “The Jeff Lash Trio … [has] the cure for the melody-hungry man. Lash’s vibraphone is a chiming beast, a whispery bell and a rolling ocean of cool, all at the same time. … Lash’s trio swings in a way that soothes the most savage punk breast.”
  • “Jeff Lash has made vibes an integral part of the Hot House Sessions. … Lash also takes an original approach to jazz with his regular trio — reworking jazz standards with reggae beats and Latin rhythms, tossing in covers of tunes by Beck, Weezer and even Ozzy Osbourne.”
  • “Lash is practically a vibraphone prodigy…”
  • “Jeff Lash is only 21, but has been playing around St. Louis as a pro jazz player for the past few years, locking into some college groups – like the solid, late insideOUT – and now playing with a group of his own name. … Last Monday, Lash played to a small, but enthusiastic crowd at [Cicero’s] … [the crowd] seemed to enjoy the tunes, including some interesting cover selections.”
    • Thomas Crone,, 28-Oct 2001

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